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    If you or someone you know has experienced interpersonal violence (IPV) including sexual misconduct, relationship violence and/or stalking, we are here to help. Case Managers in the Office of the Dean of Students provide individualized support and can help you or others connected to resources. You may be trying to understand what options and services are available to you, or your wanting to learn about your right to report. We understand that reporting may not be something you are interested in pursuing, so we encourage that you consider the preservation of evidence. You may not want to pursue a report to Law Enforcement or the University, and you may find that down the road you've changed your mind. Here is some helpful information about how to preserve evidence.

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    Rm. 324, Plemmons Student Union
    263 Locust Street
    Boone, NC 28608
    Phone: (828) 262-8284
    Email: hoffertse@appstate.edu


    Sarah Hoffert, Case Manager- Interpersonal Violence Specialist

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